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All classes will use complete sentences on all short or long answer assignments. Teachers will model the writing assignments. No writing assignment will receive a final grade before student revision. Title: from Desert Exile: The Uprooting of a Japanese-American Family Author: Yoshiko Uchida Genre: autobiography Protagonist: the Japanese Antagonist: the Army and government Setting: internment camps in Tranforan, California Point of view: first person Tense: past perfect tense Themes: Make the best of what you have.

Desert Exile: The Uprooting of a Japanese American Family Writing Assignment Evaluation Form Yoshiko Uchida This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately pages of tests, essay questions, lessons, and other teaching materials.

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The novel Desert Exile by Yoshiko Uchida discusses a Japanese- American family and the trials they encountered during the time of World War II. Uchida begins the book by describing her family, a fairly well off Japanese family in Berkley, California.

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Desert Exile: The Uprooting of a Japanese American Family Writing Assignment Evaluation Form Desert exile writing assignment
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from Desert Exile: The Uprooting of a Japanese-American Fami by Marah Sakkal on Prezi