Legalization of performance enhancing drugs in

Finally get rid of useless harmful testing.

For Legalisation

This is not fair for the other athletes and it shouldn't be allowed. However, this argument does not solve the more general problem of finding a non-arbitrary reason for drawing the line between what is acceptable and what is not.

What it does point out however is a glaring contradiction between what is, by and large, perceived to be performance enhancing and what is actually classified as performance-enhancing. The Major League Baseball investigators have been busy recently — connecting around 20 players to a Biogenesis of America a clinic in Miami area, which is at the center of an ongoing PED scandal.

Performance-enhancing drugs

Both sexes on the rise. It is not clear how its use would be unfair.

Against Legalisation

Salix, a powerful diuretic, can be legally administered four hours before a race to horses that have been documented with a history of bleeding. Sand wedge in golf; swimsuits in swimming; graphite racquets in tennis.

If in a major event, such as the Olympics, one of the eight competitors are on performance enhancing drugs, not only are they illegal, but they are cheating.

The latter works much, much better. Researchers found that HGH led to reduced fat mass and more lean body mass, though it also can trigger swelling and joint pain. Title Improving safety standards in sport Point It does not take a lot for chemists to produce performance enhancing drugs, the Scientific American reports: Everyone has complete control over their own body and their own decisions.

Debate: Legalization of performance-enhancing drugs in pro sports

If drug-use allows world records to be continually broken, and makes American Football players bigger and more exciting to watch, why deny the public what they want, especially if the athletes want to give it to them.

Apart from the Class 1, 2 and 3 drugs with a predisposition to performance-enhancement, there is an increasingly more insidious side of drug use in North American horse racing that is now attracting much attention from racing officials due to the negative publicity it garners from fans, bettors and the rest of the global racing industry.

How do you feel now, please vote. Depending on the number of chemical reactions needed for synthesis, "some of them could be made in a week or two. This is the first demonstration of improvement in a selective aspect of physical performance with growth hormone.

Legalizing steroids, therefore, would reduce costs to both steroid users and taxpayers. Performance enhancing drugs are no different. Since there is no clear way to distinguish from legitimate and illegitimate artificial aids to performance, they should all be allowed. "Opposing Viewpoints: Performance-Enhancing Drugs: Opposing Viewpoints is the leading source for libraries and classrooms in need of current-issue materials.

The viewpoints are selected from a wide range of highly respected sources and publications"-- Provided by publisher. Opponents of medical marijuana argue that it is too dangerous to use, lacks FDA-approval, and that various legal drugs make marijuana use unnecessary.

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports: Fast Facts

They say marijuana is addictive, leads to harder drug use, interferes with fertility, impairs driving ability, and injures the lungs, immune system, and brain. –the use of performance enhancing drugs or methods by athletes to gain a competitive advantage.

Is It Time to Say Yes to Steroids in Professional Sports?

Blood oxygenationenhancement is a type of dopingthat artificially increases an individual's hemoglobin concentration above normally occurring levels. Performance Enhancing Drugs Essay. Many athletes of all ages are turning towards performance enhancing drugs as a way of improving their performance by giving them that extra edge - Performance Enhancing Drugs Essay introduction.

This is not only wrong but its cheating and harmful to. Performance enhancing drugs should be legalized because they can be safely regulated One of the very reasons why performance-enhancing drugs, such as steroids, stimulants, erythropoietin, and creatine, are banned in sports is because they are believed to cause long-term health effects.

Anne Whitaker and Rosalyn Carson-Dewitt, in the article, “Point: Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Be Legalized”, make a somewhat effective argument as to why it should be legalized. This article provides an argument for the legalization of anabolic steroid use by athletes.

Legalization of performance enhancing drugs in
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