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Vital Records of Sandwich Massachusetts to At this time, too, Norman Manley as a legal advocate was very busy on behalf of Bustamante. The refrain "we will follow Bustamante till we die" was chanted by thousands of his supporters at rallies and marches across the country.

Birth of the J. It was during this time that he became fully aware of the abject poverty of the mass of the people. On May 28, both men were freed on bail.

Between and Bustamante lived outside of Jamaica, returning to his homeland for only brief visits. Bustamante as well as others did not regard federation as a necessary step towards their achievement of self- Government or even independence.

Alexander Bustamante : biography

In addition, Newport West, East and adjoining port areas were renamed Bustamante Port in keeping with the National Heroe's long association with the labour movement.

The Jamaica Labor Party won 23 of the 32 seats in the House of Representativeswith 41 percent of the votes, and Bustamante became Jamaica's first chief minister.

Along with his famous half-cousin Norman Washington Manley he became the dominant political figure in Jamaica until his retirement in the late s.

He installed Gladys Longbridge as his private secretary, and she was to accompany him for the rest of his life as confidante, assistant, companion, and, finally, after September 6,his second wife. A version of Vol. However, the PNP continued its fight for universal adult suffrage and self-government.

His rival and cousin, Premier Norman Manley, called a referendum on the issue in ; Jamaicans voted for the nation's withdrawal from the Federation. In the Queen conferred on Bustamante the title Knight Bachelor.

No longer are the workers afraid of bayonets. The British also seemed to have taken the view that federation would provide the best means by which West Indians could be prepared for independence within the British Commonwealth. Jamaica Gleaner, 10 October Parker, Matthew InSir Alexander became a member of the Order of National Hero; a life-size statue of him was erected at South Parade; his picture appears on the Jamaican one-dollar bill and his birthplace has been made a National Monument.

The country continues to honour his memory and there are countless Jamaicans who continue to say "We will follow Busta till we dead. Found on American Ancestors Website, Americanancestors. He was a tall imposing figure, often elegantly dressed, and his fearless confrontations with the armed police as he led protest marches throughout Kingston served to reinforce the legend that he had initiated about himself—namely, that of the swashbuckling foreign adventurer who had lived in Spain and had served in the Spanish army as a cavalry officer and who, notwithstanding the Great Depressionhad made his fortune in the New York stock market.

In addressing subsequent rallies Bustamante told his followers that there were people in the society who were clamouring for his arrest, but they should be careful.

Search this page to find more about these sources. Hill, Frank, Bustamante and his letters, Kingston, Jamaica: The JLP lost the election ofand Bustamante served as the leader of the opposition party from until He officially retired in and died on August 6, at the age of 93 years.

Belmont was owned by Thomas Manley, a black man, and his fair-skinned wife, Margaret Shearer. The decline of the old colonial system, hastened by the enormous difficulties which Great Britain had encountered during World War I and during the Great Depressionhad saddled Jamaica with a type of politics and a bureaucracy which could not respond to the many problems which the island encountered.

He had three sisters, Louise, Iris and Maude and a younger brother, Herbert. These very people through the instrumentality of leaders like Bustmante and Norman Manley finally realised that they could emancipate themselves from their economic and political bondage.

The widespread labor disturbances of the years and provided the opportunity to establish himself as the foremost labor leader in the island. Though initially a supporter of the Federation of the West Indies, during the s, Bustamente gradually opposed the union. As a result of his wide travels and natural intelligence, he had gained much experience in a variety of occupations.

Bustamante, Alexander

By virtue of the second marriage of Elsie Hunter, his paternal grandmother, to Alexander Shearer, he became distantly related to both Norman Washington Manley and Michael Manley, as well as to Hugh Shearer— all of whom were to be chief ministers or prime ministers of Jamaica.

A strong, wiry body and shock of grey hair made him a sort of living legend to the masses whose cause he championed against the colonial powers. The labour leader denounced Denham at a meeting attended by over persons at the Parade on May 4, There would be several parties contesting the December 14, General Election.

A life-size statue of him is erected at South Parade, the place where he carried out much of his activities, his insignia appears on the Jamaican one dollar coin; his birthplace is a national shrine, and even a "sweet" bears his name.

Vol 9, page ; Title:. Sir William Alexander Clarke Bustamante was born February 24, – August 06, Sir Bustamante was given Jamaica’s most distinguished and highest honor, by the government in Amos A. Walker, 25 Sep - 4 Jun Esther M. Sherwood, his wife, 12 July - 7 Oct Curtis B.

Walker, to Father Francis R.

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Walker, 21 May. Alexander Bustamante, one of the leading political figures in Jamaica during the twentieth century, was born William Alexander Clarke at Blenheim Estate in Lucea, a coastal town in western Jamaica.

William Alexander Bustamante () was Jamaica's first Prime Minister. He campaigned for workers' rights, and he was imprisoned for standing up for his beliefs.

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He founded the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union [BITU], the first trade union in Jamaica. Later he. + free ebooks online. Did you know that you can help us produce ebooks by proof-reading just one page a day? Go to: Distributed Proofreaders.

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William alexander clarke bustamante
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